Cost-Effective Retail Radio That Actively Boosts Revenue

What is it?
In a nutshell, you're licensing us to distribute your very own branded radio station to your store or your chain. A radio station with the sole directive of improving your reveue. No competing
brand adverts, no chit-chat about the weather; just music and YOUR brand, YOUR products. We supply the content, provide permanent support and back-up, and customise the station to your individual desires.
New Technology Reduces Costs
Retail Radio has proven its capacity to increase basket value, trigger impulse buying and dramatically increase the effectiveness of promotions. Until now, the only real question has
been its cost. Now we have the solution. Using a dedicated ADSL-linked network to connect to an extremely compact device that feed the PA system in each store, we are able to offer pre-recorded or live presentation that genuinely guides consumer behaviour at a fraction of the cost of traditional storecasting.